• orgone_tech_now

    Energy and Tools of Wellness

    Elemental Energetics has handpicked cutting edge energy medicine tools to help heal and balance your natural energy or protect from harmful EMF. These natural healing therapies include Orgone Devices, Healing Pyramids to charge water, food, yourself, Double Helix Water, which assists…

  • power_of_pyramids

    What is Pyramid Energy?

    Just as a lens collects and concentrates light, or a television antenna captures the T.V. program you wish to watch, the pyramid shape collects and focuses the gravitational and magnetic field that swirls over the entire…

  • orgone_tech

    Orgone Chi

    Are you feeling drained, stressed out, or suffering from a sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies or just bad vibes? Would you like to get your energy back in balance, easily? Orgonite life force energy generators, made from…

Cattails, Nature, & Simple Beauty

This is just a simple shot of a beautiful South Florida morning with the sun shining through cattails.  Enjoy.

Spider Web and Spider Totems

This is a photo of the spiderweb just outside my door.  Honestly I had no idea it was even there I kind of am so used to my front porch/stoop I pretty much take for granted…

Pyramid Energy and a Pyramid House

I would love to live in this house, how cool would that be to live in a healing pyramid house? Modern Pyramid House