Cell Phone Towers cause erratic disrupting energyDid you know there is actually a sort of movement where people are “gifting” orgonite near cell phone towers or near places with bad energy in them?  The theory is just by putting a 3 inch orgonite generator near these places turns the erratic energy of cell phone towers or other electrical devices into life force energy generators.  Basically, it is said that these towers cause bad energy in the general population of the people living near them but by putting the orgonite near them, it turns it into good energy.  There are sites online that are dedicated to this movement, saying that it clear up smog, makes people nicer to each other, promotes peace…etc.


What do I think?

Well, the X-Files fan that I am…I go with Mulder’s saying “I Want To Believe”.  I know the effects it has had on me by having them around.  I feel calmer and more peaceful.  I notice that when I wear my pendant people are really nice to me, more so than usual.  For example, last Saturday I wanted to get some take out at an organic restaurant/store I like.  I went up to the buffet and was looking around and decided I liked one item and was sold on it.  Well, for about ten minutes, the woman behind the counter had me taste testing three or four items until I made sure I knew which dish I wanted to get.  Honestly, I just wanted to get my food and go back to work, but she was sooo nice and spent alot of extra time with me.   Other things too, I went out to dinner last night with my boyfriend and the guy at the table next to us was just very intent on talking our ears off about his art.  Nice guy (but maybe a little rude)…but we were eating and he would not stop even as we continued to eat our dinners.  Maybe I should have left my pendant at home.

For me, I did not actually make orgonite items just for the sole purpose of helping my general area with gifting.  I will tell you what I did do.  I had a whole lot of orgonite mistakes when I was learning how to make the stuff.  It just wasn’t pretty or the way I wanted it to look, but the energy coming from it was the same.  Ok, so I gifted a few of my mistakes to the places that looked like they needed it.  I think it’s better than putting them in the trash.  I gave a couple away when I was experimenting with beach sand and resin.  Would you believe people still wanted my mistakes?  That I am surprised about…there has to be something to the energy of this stuff.

I have compiled a list of articles that talk about the gifting movement.  Some of them may seem a bit far out if you are not open to these new ideas, but I will say it sure is interesting!

Ogonite Aventures

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More info on gifting

What are chemtrails?

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