What is Feng Shui?

The ancient art and wisdom of Feng Shui is a powerful tool used today to bring positive change into our lives. We are profoundly influenced by our environment on both a consciousand subconscious level. By using Feng Shui principles we can achieve a harmonious relationshipwith ourselves and our environment, and create positive energy flow to enhance specificareas of our lives. A Feng Shui consultation will empower and support you to:

* improve your relationships
* attract a genuine love partner
* increase your finances
* improve your health
* create career opportunities
* relieve stress or insomnia
* find the best place to live or work
* improve your business
* achieve clarity & focus
* increase spirituality and creativity
*create balance and harmony in your life


Our homes and offices are reflections of ourselves and our current circumstances. A FengShui consultation will identify the quality of energy that moves through your environment and how it is affecting your life in a positive or negative way.

“When you look at your home, you are looking at an expression of your inner self”

The Bagua, a sacred map used in Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, is used to detect the power spots that correspond to specific areas of your life. A space clearing is recommended to clear the negative energy blocks in order to allow the positive energy to circulate into your home and into your life. Suggestions will be made for furniture placement, color selection, artwork, nature and lighting using mostly what you have, as well as traditional Feng Shui remedies. These adjustments will hold your intention in place acting as a positive magnetic force (according to the “universal law of attraction – like attracts like”) and bring to you the opportunities for what you desire.

This article was written for Elemental Energetics by Mary Rose of Feng Shui by Mary Rose.   Mary Rose uses the design philosophy of “Feng Shui” along with her intuitive abilities that bring her clients inner being and living spaces into harmony, as well as transform their lives.

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