Tomorrowland Movie Review

I just finished watching this last night and had to share.  I love science fiction and normally Disney movies are usually pretty good.  This one was about Tomorrowland, a place situated in another dimension of Earth where all the genius’s and dreamers live to create without distraction.  They recruit new residents with a small coin/chip that when you touch, it transports you over to Tomorrowland and gives you a glimpse of the society.

Now without giving spoilers, this film delves into the possibility of different dimensions existing in the same space as now, as well as time travel backward and forward.  I also found it very very interesting it also went into the philosophy and to me, natural Law of Attraction.  When the two players, Frank (George Clooney) and Casey (Hugh Laurie) get into Tomorrowland, they are shown a device powered by Tachyons which can view time forward or backward.  They are shown an apocolyptic future where life as we know it is destroyed, within 50 days.  The kicker is time and events are not set in stone.  Because after viewing this future, Casey makes up her mind to fix it.  Just then, a blink of a future where none of the detonation happens flashes before their eyes.  The lesson, you have complete control of  your now and your future, based on your attitude and decisions you make.

Go check out Tomorrowland (Theatrical), I really loved it and would watch it more than once!

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