Tachyons are sub-atomic particles that travel faster than light, infusing physical matter with spiritual light. Tachyon produces multiple positive effects when present in the human energy field or on the body.  Many people have reported that their healing takes place 2-3 times faster, along with having noticeable increased pain reduction.

Tachyon products produce the wanted effect of counteracting harmful EMF rays (electromagnetic frequencies) which can be harmful in their radiation to the human body.  With EMF radiation at an all time high, our bodies can become compromised.

Tachyon products neutralize the negative effects of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s).

Benefits are:

  • tachyon_meditation_cellsPain and lethargic symptoms decrease
  • Natural healing of the body occurs much faster
  • Organ recovery healing
  • Healing and vitality are assisted
  • Memory and concentration increase
  • Body is assisted in detoxification
  • Energy blocks are released
  • Takes EMF out of the body and aura field

Tachyon has been associated with improving:

  • Clarity
  • Increasing psychic ability
  • Assists in vibrational frequency
  • Helps in clearing and releasing
  • Clears the aura field for easier meditation
  • Relaxes the body
  • Assists crystals in amplification
  • Detoxification for acceleration
  • Harmonizes Chakra System
  • Releases Energy Blocks

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