Spirits in the Rocks at Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona

This is a photo from my trip to Sedona, at Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona.  This is a major earth energy power spot in the U.S., but I also believe that since we are all energy and alive, why not consider that the rocks are alive too?  

That’s me beginning a hike on Bell Rock, check out the smiley face on the top a little way down.


What do you think it means?

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3 Comments on “Spirits in the Rocks at Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona

  1.  by  Mohammad

    Love those red rocks! I need to hop on over there soon. I think I’ll do it in a couple weeks. Amazing. I love how teicexd you got when you’d see the scenery! WOW! Reminds me not to get used to beauty just because I see it so often.

  2.  by  admin

    It was nice meeting you too and hoping I will meet the Guardians next time! I had an absolute blast while I was here.

  3.  by  PAG

    It means that on your next trip to Sedona you should hike to the top of Bell and meet the Guardians. I was nice meeting you.

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