Selenite Crystals Healing Properites

Selenite cluster from Naica mine, Chihuahua, M...

Selenite cluster from Naica mine, Chihuahua, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Selenite crystals meaning are linked with “Moon Stone” and it is the alternative name of Gypsum. The word Selenite is derived from the Greek word “Selenites” and it means “moon stone or moon rock”. They are transparent and colorless crystals, which exude a pearly luster that glows and resembles a moon. The Greek Moon Goddess is called Selene and this association gives selenite crystals a feminine energy. They are used to connect with Divine Spirit, and they are also used for angelic or spiritual guide connection. Selenite crystals are believed to bring light and mental clarity. 


Millions of years ago water seeped into the ancient limestone formations and dissolved the sulfide ores to produce sulfuric acid. It also absorbed calcium, and this calcium mingled with oxygen and hydrogen to form Selenite. Cave of Swords in Chihuahua Mexico is a very beautiful Selenite formation in the world. 

Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite is used by healers to look into the body, and to know what is necessary to heal it.

  • The calcium present in Selenite is used to heal spinal cord and other skeletal ailments. 
  • It can help overcome some destructive cellular effects caused by cancer.
  • It is used as a stabilizer for epileptic disorders. 
  • It gives strength to bones and energizes the tired inflexible muscles.
  • Selenite removes blockages for healing, and it decreases epilepsy and seizures.  

Metaphysical Properties

Selenite is a ‘mental body stone’ that opens and clears the aura bodies.

It is used for channeling, as it transmits light and energy. 

By pointing Selenite wands towards your client, you can mentally align with its vibrations and examine thought forms. 

Selenite wand is a powerful tool that works when other stones do not work. 

It is a mental clarity stone, which enhances mental flexibility and strengthens decisions.

With this sweet Angel stone you can look into past lives.

It helps to remove energy blocks. 

Selenite has the power to enhance other stones’ energy, when they are placed near it. 

On the whole, Selenite crystals have the power to instill peace and they are excellent stones for meditation. They help drain negative energy from the body and ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

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