Selenite Crystal: What is it’s meaning and uses?

Let’s talk about selenite.  Selenite is a white crystal that looks a little bit like a wand and it is good for connecting with higher realms, specifically the third eye.  I have a wand of selenite that I keep beside my bed and have to say, I certainly do have vivid dreams!  Actually I just moved it to my work area as I figured third eye activation is a very good trait to have when you work in the visual arts like I do.  I held my wand of selenite in my hand and did feel a surge of energy up my spine that landed right in my third eye, so my experience with it is true.  Lets see if I obtain the visual benefits of selenite for my work.


Here is some information I have about selenite.

“Soothes nerves.  An amazing stone for any land area with close underground water.  Removes polution, aligns and re-energizes the water in all things, including your own body.  A crystalized form of gypsum that formed easily with saline water.  An inorganic form of selenium, a mineral used in immune disorders.  Clears quartz, which clears other stones”

I think selenite would be great in an  orgonite pyramid or pendant with amethyst for the specific purpose of helping to open up the third eye and assist with manifesting and visualizing.

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  1.  by  Nini

    do you know how to use selenite transcendental lens aka third eye lens. I cannot find instructions online. I’m a Reiki Master and love Selenite. Please help me. Thank you

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