Pyramid Energy Experiments

My own experiment I did a few weeks ago was with a bottle of wine.  I accidently bought a really cheap and not very tasty bottle of white wine, so bad tasting I figured I might as well dump the whole bottle.  Then I realized this would be a perfect experiment to check out the energy of the pyramids I sell here on the site.  I have a 30 inch one as well as a 10 inch one.  The 30 inch one I have hanging over my bed and the 10 inch one I used to charge up vitamins and face cream.  Well, I took down the 30 inch one and placed the horrible tasting bottle of wine in for about 6 or 8 hours, basically left it in all day.  Voila!  No harsh taste, just a nice smooth tasting pino grigio.  I also noticed the wine doesn’t seem to give hangovers, believe it or not.  I placed an organic chardonnay in the pyramid all day and drank quite a bit on New Years Eve and was happily surprised and shocked I had no hangover.  I have also been experimenting with manifesting by writing down what I want and placing it on the very top.  Below is my ten inch pyramid charging doing a nice job of charging up my vitamins.  


Check out the pyramids I have on the site you can buy for your yourself to experience pyramid energy.


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