Pyramid Energy and Help To Sleep

Did you know sleeping under a pyramid is a natural way to help you sleep?  The lifeforce energy amplified by the geometric shape of the Pyramid helps with many things, but sleep is definately one of them.

You will require fewer hours of rest and awake more refreshed.  Many remember dreams more vividly and enjoy them more than ever before.  EEG tests show that a person under the Pyramid generates more alpha waves per given time period.  You may find that you can relax easier and tension leaves.  It is also believed that the Pyramid energies may slow down the aging process and prolong life.



The energy feels wonderful and I feel like I am sleeping in a blanket of energy. Even with my magnetic mattress and several orgone devices under the bed, I feel even more energy with the mothership above my bed! It definitely has an addative affect. I feel that I am detoxifying a little each night and I dream better! I added a lemurian quartz crystal to the apex and it was a little overpowering the first night. The second night, my dreams were awesome and I’m looking forward to dreaming more. Namaste nrgtim — 11/22/2007 by Timothy Pfaffel

Dear Nick, as i told you I have well received my pyramid generator model 30-inch base – best seller, gold color. The shipping was very fast … only one week or less to receive my pyramid in Belgium : congratulations !  I was coming back home after my working day and I was a bit tired. So I decided to test immediately my new pyramid; I decided to install it in my bedroom and I decided to have a rest immediately !

I immediately felt the high energy produced being under my pyramid. At first I thought that perhaps with this amount of energy it could be hard to fall asleep … but I was wrong because some minutes later I fall completely asleep… I had a very interesting dream revealing me some family problem concerning my daughter that I ignored before. The dream seems strangely real … and it was because my daughter confimed the content of my dream later !  When I get up I was no more tired at all and I was very satisfied and excited with this first experiment ! I recommend to everyone the nick system of pyramid … because it’s very efficient !!! Congratulations for your job Nick. Friendly yours. Marc from belgium —- 05/11/2008 by bohy marc

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