Orgonite’s effect on your aura energy field.

Here is a photograph of my aura, taken by Hattie Parker at The photograph on the left was taken without orgonite and the one on the right was taken with me holding an orgonite pyramid.  I was happily surprised to see a big difference in my aura.  The increased blue and purple in my aura means “higher frequency energy, connecting with nature and spirituality.  The colors reflect that your are drawing upon your higher resources for balance”. In contrast, notice all the yellow and orange prior “lower frequency energy, competence, creativity and groundedness.  These energies reflect that you are drawing upon grounding energies for balance.”

Orgonite effect on the Human Aura

Explanation on how to interpret the colors….

Orgonite Effect on the Human Energy Field

Notice the grey at the top of the head.  I think means a bit of worry on my part.  I have been having allergy and asthma issues for about two weeks but it is getting better.  The aura machine doesn’t lie.

I think the simplest and inexpensive things can make you feel better.  Who would have known just holding one of my energy pyramids would bring in a higher peaceful energy?

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