Nick Edwards Power Pyramids

Nick Edwards, the maker of the Nick Edwards pyramids passed away from a brain aneurism on April 18th. Mr. Edwards is survived by his wife Janet and a daughter.



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  1.  by  gflynt

    Sorry for your/our loss….I must ask are you going to offer 60″ SuperMAX Gold Anodized Titanium Frame Pyramid Kit again?

  2.  by  Eulisis Delgado Jr.

    I am sorry of the passing of your husband Nick Edwards. I am interested in his pyramid energy technology. How can I obtain his products?

  3.  by  Jerome Plotnick, Ph.D., N.D.

    Dear Janet and daughter, I hope you remember me Jerome Plotnick, Ph.D, N.D.the psychologist and hypnotist and naturopath as I was in the middle to late 1970’s one of your husbands Nick greatest followers and promoted his pyramids. I am so stunned and sorry to hear of his passing. Please accept my wholehearted sympathy and condolences. I just learned about it today as I was attempting to e-mail him with my two new book releases on In fact on my website I listed his pyramids for sale. Again if there is anything I can do please contact me as I guess all I can say is what a loss to you and all of his family and humanity.
    Again sending you spiritual blessings and love, Sincerely. Jerome

  4.  by  elemental

    I am too, sorry I just found your comment in the approval part. I just came back and redid everything so checking all comments now.

  5.  by  Nancy Duke

    I am shocked and saddened to hear of Nick’s passing. I have been a customer of his for many years and am wondering if there is any way I can reach his wife to express my condolences.
    Nick was one-of-a-kind and our conversations were always enlightening, he will not be forgotten. With compassion & acceptance I remain,
    Nancy Duke, Miami, Florida

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