I just uploaded six new orgone pyramids for sale on my etsy store, check ’em out.   I personally like the red one the best and plan on making more.  I have been choosing rose quartz for the crystal to put in these ones.  I just like the energy of rose quartz.  It has a loving, soft, and soothing energy…here to encourage love and self love.   I also sprinkled various miscellaneous crystals in the mix.

My new vision?  I am planning on buying natural earth magnets for the pyramids, let’s see how that works out.  I think it will be very positive.  There are so many people on the internet making various versions of the metal and resin mix, which is awesome but the basic recipe works fine.  But I like trying new things.

There is one book I would like to recommend as I found it very interesting, Earth Energies, by Serge Kahili King.  The author explores many different alternative energy systems, such as pyramids, radionics such as dowsing and he also has a chapter on Willhelm Reich and orgone energy.  He found the orgone energy to be stronger than pyramids, although both give off a field.  He is not particularly scientific in his research but he experiments with the many different energies and gives his personal insight and experience.  He includes a chapter on making your own pyramid with the measurements of the Giza Pyramid.

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