Hematite – A Good 1st Chakra and Grounding Crystal

When I first started making my pyramids, I used whatever crystals I could find around my apartment, and I did have quite a few.  One the properties of orgonite is protecting you from the scattered emf energies and  I am in front of the computer all the time and have quite a collection of hematite near my laptop for this very purpose.  It’s a great protective stone and good for helping with 1st chakra issues, grounding.  No use going up to the higher realms if you can’t back down again, right?


Here is what I have about hematite in some of the literature I have collected on crystals.

“Strengthens and protects the body and blood.  Protects you from the ill-wishes of others.  Helpful for travel, business, martial arts, legal issues.  Excellent base chakra stone”


When I hold it in my hand, the impression I get from hematite is a slower energy, relaxing.  I think it helps us to slow down as well.





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