Elemental Energetics Website!

Elemental Energetics began as a site to showcase my handmade orgone devices. I started making these devices after clicking around on the internet and found a page on a site for healing, one section called orgonite. I became fascinated with the idea and learning about the healing and life force generating properties, based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Now the site has expanded to include many unique items to Clear, Balance, and Strengthen your natural energy, chi, or life force.

Hi, this is my first post on my new blog and website.  I am pretty excited to get it all together.  The story is six months ago I was searching around on the internet and found a site on orgonite quite by accident and had no idea what it was but was intrigued.  There was also a link to a youtube video on how to make the stuff, and of course,  the curious part of me viewed that and decided it would be less expensive and more interesting to try and make it myself.    After many messy and smelly attempts, I finally had a cone that I immediately placed under my dying hibiscus plant/tree I have outside my apartment door.  The tree had barely any leaves before I placed that cone underneath but is now healthy, strong, and flourishing.  I believe it is the life force energy coming from my orgonite cone.  The hibiscus  is still going strong and just blooms and blooms.


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