See this beautiful spot?  It’s one of my favorites, a five minute run or a ten minute walk from my place.  I like to go there in the mornings before I start my day and try a little meditation.  This morning I sat down and immediately noticed a man picking up the large amounts of bottles and trash on the beach.  Why didn’t I notice this before?  I go here all the time and I see the trash but I hardly pick stuff up…ok, I do, but not alot.  This guy was inspiring, so I went ahead and started to pick up some trash.

Seeing this guy really got me thinking about how complacent and used to the view of trash anywhere and everywhere, so much that I don’t even notice it or think to pick it anymore.  My message, stop being so complacent and really look around and make an effort.  No, I didn’t clean the whole beach, but when you think about it, if everyone that visits the park would just pick up one or two pieces of trash and put it where it belongs, well, things would look much better.  Just take a look around a make a little bit of effort because a little bit with one person leads up to a big effort on a much larger scale.