Doreen Virtue mentions Orgonite in her podcast

 Doreen Virtue mentions using orgonite to help balance your energy when chemtrails abound.  In her December 15th podcast she talks quite a bit about activism and speaking out, including chemtrails.  You can check out the rebroadcast here.  

Doreen Virtue mentions orgonite.

 Naturally, remember me when you want to purchase or learn more about the properties of orgonite.  It really does work!


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  1.  by  Jami P. Michael

    conducts involving concentrating energy into a beam used to heat the ionosphere. Chemtrails can be used in conjunction with this as a way to bounce energy off of the ionosphere, using it as a mirror of sorts. Prior to that, Dr. Brooks Agnew was using this technology on a smaller scale to search for oil and gas, a process called earth tomography. This technology would even be able to tell you the quality of the oil found.

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