Does orgonite help with manifesting?

I was pondering this today when I received some feedback from an entrepreneur who bought one of my little pyramids over the weekend.  Here is what she said:


“Really enjoying the pyramid … Feeling good and my phone has been ringing all week with new clients! Ha!”

Lorraine from Heel to Heel, Inc. Dog Training


I did receive another one from a woman who put her pyramid in her office and got a promotion a few weeks later, not kidding.  I think the orgonite helps with manifesting in that positive emotions help shape your reality easier than negative ones.  Yes, negative emotions do create, but what they create are negative creations.  With orgonite around, you feel pretty good since it converts the negative energy into positive, thus, law of attraction gives you positive results.  With some added intent and visualization, poof, your wish is my command!


That is my take on the matter, positive feelings create positive experience, and orgonite helps with positivity!

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One Comment on “Does orgonite help with manifesting?

  1.  by  Rebecca

    Oh I really want to believe this is true, but I believe the Law of Attraction is unfairly called a “law”, as it does not pass scientific tests to eliminate variables and establish evidence.

    I’m looking for an effective manifestation technique, and so far have come up empty. I recognize the existence of energy within and in a natural state around us, but it’s a far leap, and in fact I’ve not found any evidence, to say that this energy can be controlled towards a specific outcome.

    Particularly I am seeking a manifestation technique for wealth and am considering coupling Orgonite with radionics, but so far as I research and prepare, I’m getting a realistic view that Orgone has mood and health enhancing aspects, but nothing for wealth accumulation. So, after making it and having it in my environment, I can expect to have greater peace in my home, and all that entails, fewer allergy related symptoms, and possibly increased flexibility in my Yoga routine, but not sure about coming into an inheritance that would allow me to live out the remainder of my life in luxury.

    There are many places online which instruct how to make Orgonite, and I’m currently collecting the materials, but I’m wondering if a) a piece is made for each specific intent, i.e. wealth, health, peace, happiness, love, etc., or if a piece of Orgonite is made simply to enhance ALL aspects of an individual’s environment; and b) how many pieces are recommended for within and outside a home. Should one piece be placed in each room, and one on the patio, or is one piece all that is needed placed by my computer which will be running my radionics software?

    Lastly, I read that it could take some time for Orgonite to take effect and notice a difference. How long might this be? If I start a new supplement from the nutrition store for an intended purpose, I will give it at least 3 weeks of use to determine its efficacy. However I have no idea a realistic timeframe to wait to measure the effects of Orgonite. Three months? A year?

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