Complimentary Energy Healing Approaches to Coping with Cancer

Regardless of what type of cancer you may be diagnosed with, recent research indicates that many forms of complimentary medicine can benefit individuals living with cancer.  This can be especially true if you are dealing with an aggressive cancer such as mesothelioma or pancreatic cancer.

By Jillian Alternative Medicine Advocate 

Coping with the Diagnosis

One of the issues that many cancer patients have a hard time dealing with is the initial diagnosis.  From a purely emotional standpoint, a pancreatic cancer or mesothelioma prognosis can be difficult to integrate into your life.  In many cases, research has shown that emotional health can have a strong influence on life expectancy and survival rates for aggressive forms of cancer.  As a result, if you find yourself facing a cancer diagnosis, it is important to have a strong network of support around you.  Consider joining a support group for cancer survivors, getting personal counseling or using creative outlets such as writing or art as a way to regain your emotional equilibrium.

Holistic Complimentary Energy Healing Approaches

In addition to traditional Western medicine, many doctors are now recommending other complimentary holistic healing therapist.  One of these therapies is Reiki.  Reiki is an energetic touch healing therapy that has been used for centuries in Japan.  Many people report that Reiki treatments are relaxing and energizing.  Reiki is performed while clothed, by having a practitioner lay their hands on or near your body, drawing in universal energy to strengthen and align the energy centers of your body.  According to the website New Approaches to Cancer, patients do not need to have any specific belief in whether or not Reiki and energy healing work, only the desire to be healed.

Acupuncture is another form of energy healing therapy that is commonly used by many people with aggressive forms of cancer.  While many traditional Western doctors may view a mesothelioma prognosis as a certain death sentence, traditional Chinese medicine takes a different approach.  

From the Chinese medicine perspective, the important part of treating any patient is to engage them holistically, including addressing imbalances in energy, or chi, nutritional deficiencies and social or emotional health problems.  According to the National Center for Complimentary Health, electromagnetic acupuncture has been shown to be an effective treatment for pain management in cancer.  While the studies are still preliminary, the support the theory that stimulation of the energy paths in the body with acupuncture can be beneficial to cancer patients.

Regardless of what specific type of alternative or complimentary medicine approach you take in dealing with cancer, having a holistic focus will improve your health overall.  Even with an aggressive cancer such as pancreatic cancer or mesothelioma, if you address not only the physical symptoms of the illness, but also the impact it has on your emotional and spiritual health, you will be better able to cope with and fight the cancer.


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One Comment on “Complimentary Energy Healing Approaches to Coping with Cancer

  1.  by  Michael Abiff

    Jillian, this post highlights the relevance of orgone energy, also known as chi energy or bio energy among other names, as a primary source of long term bio energy healing. Good medical care, nutrition and exercise are also important, but having a strong chi energy flow allows the body to heal itself. The Chinese medical perspective is sober and sane. Chi energy is no mystery to them.

    I am very happy to read in your post that there are a growing number of doctors who are now open to complementary holistic healing.

    I believe energy healing modalities are the best holistic therapies available due to their flexibility and power. We are energy beings and when we get ill we need a lot of energy to heal. That is what basic bed rest is all about. Bio energy healing using orgone devices allows us to be more creative and effective in our healing.

    Long term exposure to bio energy healing is an effective treatment strategy for all chronic conditions. The more chi energy a body has the less severe the symptoms of virtually any disease. The amount of time needed to treat chronic conditions can span from several months to years. An easy task for an orgone device.

    Orgone devices when employed by a professional take energy healing to a new level. They also allow us address multiple symptoms simultaneously while increasing vitality.

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