Channeled Message from Jolie DeMarco – Global Cooling

From Galileo channeled Message through Jolie DeMarco 5/24/12 

New Ice Age Global Cooling

In my waking state he showed me that there is a planet that will come close to the earth sphere, not colliding but will cause the darkening of the earth from loss of the sun’s warmth that could cause a freeze over in the future. Originally the scientists are thinking it would collide and that is the danger, but they have mistaken calculations and the threat is only the shading of the earths as it rotates, causing cold climates that are unlivable, but other parts of the world as it turns can adapt. This cold, freeze can and most likely will cause many natural disaster occurrences that can affect our water supply and other means of food and supplies needed for our population of earth at that time.

Channeled by Jolie DeMarco of The 2nd Big Shift

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