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Office Setup with Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy and a Pyramid House

Pyramid Energy, Effects and Benefits

Giza Rips

New 7 Inch Mini Arkatron Custom Made

New Mini Arkatrons are available for purchase on my store, but check out the video for what these beautiful works of art can help you and your manifesting energy.  

Butterflies at Botanical Gardens

Atmospheric Changes Channeling

“You need to express that the air is changing. The need to get human bodies ready for the next part of the ‘shift’ is coming rapidly. We tell you this only out of love, and so you…

Pyramid Energy and Help To Sleep

Glass Pyramid Submerged in the Bermuda Triangle

Check out this absolutely fascinating article on the find of a century, a clear glass or crystal pyramid twice the size of the pyramid of Giza was found submerged at the bottom of the Atlantic in…