Patience and working with resin in Orgonite

I was just out making a custom pyramid for a woman who wants specific crystals for self esteem and love and also for spiritual developement.  Pondering the process of the casting, I realized this new art…

More information on chemtrails and geo-engineering

Check out this video on chemtrails and information on the ingredients, conspiracy, and effects of chemtrails… What in the word are they spraying? I’ve read quite a bit on chemtrails and have heard that an orgone…

Animals love orgonite!

I think animals must sense the good energy coming from orgonite.  Both my cats love to cuddle next to them.  My other cat, Moocher, even jumped up on the table where I keep all my pyramids….

Elemental Energetics Website!

Elemental Energetics began as a site to showcase my handmade orgone devices. I started making these devices after clicking around on the internet and found a page on a site for healing, one section called orgonite….