Signs of Awakening

Check out this video I found on on the signs of awakening…how are you doing with the awakening process.

Improve your Sleep in Five Easy Steps


How to Manifest Money

Loved this video on how to manifest money, appreciation, visualization, and feeling.

Summer in South Florida

New Orgone Chi Generators

Butterflies at Botanical Gardens

Selenite Crystals Healing Properites

Cats and Wheatgrass

My cat Dagon loves eating and sitting in trays of wheatgrass.  Do you like this post? Sign up to receive email updates of the blog…    

Need to Remove Some Obstacles?

      I just really liked this art print of Ganesh, maybe you will too.  Ganesh is the Hindu god of prosperity, wisdom and remover of obstacles. He helps with Abundance, Artistic Projects, Household Peace and…

Are Smart Meters watching us?

Check out this podcast from One Radio Radio Network, interviewing Jerry Day, a television/film producer and personal rights and freedom crusader for an eye-opening look at digital metering devices. Be informed of how these devices record…