How to make your own Genesa Crystal

Check out this video from the Perelandra garden on their Genesa crystal, which is a life force energy generator.  I sell the Perelandra flower essences on my site and I can attest to how powerful they…

Water Crystals in Motion – Messages From Water

The research behind the book “Messages in Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto. What an inspirational movie.  It really makes you think that your thoughts really do have an effect on your reality.  Our bodies are mostly…

Cattails, Nature, & Simple Beauty

This is just a simple shot of a beautiful South Florida morning with the sun shining through cattails.  Enjoy.

Alien Eggs???

I was wondering what they will look like when they hatch #alieneggs #floridafauna

Pyramid Energy and a Pyramid House

I would love to live in this house, how cool would that be to live in a healing pyramid house? Modern Pyramid House  

Summer in South Florida

Here are two photos I took this week, just getting into the natural rhythm of summer…     

Magical Energy

This is from my bike ride this morning, very close by to where I live.  Its on an off street close to the ocean but lots of wild plants and trees among the houses.  I love…


Life in the midst of rocky surroundings.  

Green Living…Pick up the Trash!!!

  See this beautiful spot?  It’s one of my favorites, a five minute run or a ten minute walk from my place.  I like to go there in the mornings before I start my day and…

Raw Creamy Avocado Sauce

I just wanted to begin including all my healthy recipe successes here, as I mostly post them on facebook and get lots of good feedback.  Healthy cooking has alot to do with your personal energy and…