How to make your own Genesa Crystal

Tomorrowland Movie Review

I just finished watching this last night and had to share.  I love science fiction and normally Disney movies are usually pretty good.  This one was about Tomorrowland, a place situated in another dimension of Earth…

Signs of Awakening

Check out this video I found on on the signs of awakening…how are you doing with the awakening process.

Google Glass is predicted in the early 90’s

Interesting invention before it’s time.  Star Trek Deep Space Nine predicts Google Glass twenty five years before it’s time.   I think this is the fifth season where they used a Dominion ship.

Pyramid Energy and a Pyramid House

Summer in South Florida

Magical Energy

This is from my bike ride this morning, very close by to where I live.  Its on an off street close to the ocean but lots of wild plants and trees among the houses.  I love…


Life in the midst of rocky surroundings.  


    Pollution is spread everywhere around the globe. Be it pollution caused from vehicles, plastic or the toxic chemicals in the air, the earth is deteriorating constantly. You can try a few of these money…

Are you stuck? Or feel like you are going backward this summer?

Wow, it’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and school starts back in less than a month.  Time really flies by unless you are feeling the effects of  Mercury Retrograde… then it appears as…