How to Manifest Money

Loved this video on how to manifest money, appreciation, visualization, and feeling.

Change your Frequency Change your Reality

I like her quote “You want to heal something, Go Play.” 

Google Glass is predicted in the early 90’s

Interesting invention before it’s time.  Star Trek Deep Space Nine predicts Google Glass twenty five years before it’s time.   I think this is the fifth season where they used a Dominion ship.

Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens

Another photo I took this morning in South Florida.  I have been reading the book “Ask and It is Given” so been on the path of manifesting a few key events and items….well, self doubt and…


Life in the midst of rocky surroundings.  

Atmospheric Changes Channeling

“You need to express that the air is changing. The need to get human bodies ready for the next part of the ‘shift’ is coming rapidly. We tell you this only out of love, and so you…

Channeled Message from Jolie DeMarco – Global Cooling

From Galileo channeled Message through Jolie DeMarco 5/24/12          In my waking state he showed me that there is a planet that will come close to the earth sphere, not colliding but will…

Powerful Channeled Dream by Jolie

May 30, 2012 6:24 am I woke instantly. A Powerful Message: I was on a road, in my vehicle a van, I stopped driving it because there was some big trash in the road, looked like…

11-11-11 Channeling Prophesy for Earth Shift

4/08/2012 Easter Today when I woke, I was advised by the Guides of Light, to share a channeled message from 11-11-11 that they had previously given to me on that date. They said “to share again, the…