Business Timing and the Void Moon in Astrology

Do you know how useful it is to know the best time to begin a new activity, or even to pull back and just chill? It’s all about aligning your intentions with the astro weather.Electional astrology is figuring out the best time to begin a new activity, whether it be starting a new business, applying for a loan, incorporating your business, launching a website, or even sending out an email newsletter….:) Everything has a birth, so doesn’t it make sense to birth your event to maximize the benefits?

The Void Moon is a time when “nothing will come of the matter”. Technically, it means the moon has passed into a point where it makes no major aspects to the other planets, so nothing to worry about and nothing will come of the matter in this period. The void moon is best for self reflection, meditation, and chilling out with no agenda.

I use the void moon for timing in many areas of my life. I never schedule a business meeting or phone call during the time because who wants to spend time on something where nothing will come of it?

The timing doesn’t need to be perfect and you can’t always wait for the perfect time. But, a good rule is to not do something important during the void moon. If you have an astrology datebook or calender, this is easy to look up and will save you some time and wasted energy.

I like using a daily astrology calendar like the one below to figure out the good times to start things, or not…


7 Comments on “Business Timing and the Void Moon in Astrology

  1.  by  astrointuitive

    Thanks, I need to write more on here…I use electional astrology quite a bit, especially when I send out my design newsletter.

  2.  by  John

    I have been a long-time student of electional astrology and enjoy visiting your blog. I have just found an application for my iPhone that evaluates every day in the year based on electional astrology. It is a wonderful app and you may want to tell your readers about it because it is written by the same author who wrote “Electional Astrology the Art of Timing”. The app is listed in iTunes as 2009 Electional Astrology Planning Guide. It’s so easy to use and includes lots of other information besides daily evaluations. Check it out.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful commentary.

  3.  by  astrointuitive

    You would have to look at your individual chart and look at transits and progressions to the 10th house (the career), the 2nd house (money), and possibly the 6th (everyday work), to see if a change is in the air. It will definately show it…for me, I had solar arch uranus conjunct my midheaven when I went off as a solopreneur doing web and graphic design…

  4.  by  Jack

    when would be the best time to start a new business? I’m thinking of leaving my present job of 14 years & starting a business that converts water to hydrogen to be used with gas in cars. It seems the timing of this would be good with the costs of gas climbing & a cleaner fuel is needed. The demand for this is building every day. Thanks , jack

  5.  by  astrointuitive

    moon in the third house I would think…look for plantets in the third house or making good aspects to it…probably not until after the 19th since mercury is retrograde now…

  6.  by  katia

    when is the best time to start a course online study

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