How to Manifest Money

Loved this video on how to manifest money, appreciation, visualization, and feeling.

Change your Frequency Change your Reality

I like her quote “You want to heal something, Go Play.” 

Cattails, Nature, & Simple Beauty

This is just a simple shot of a beautiful South Florida morning with the sun shining through cattails.  Enjoy.

Google Glass is predicted in the early 90’s

Interesting invention before it’s time.  Star Trek Deep Space Nine predicts Google Glass twenty five years before it’s time.   I think this is the fifth season where they used a Dominion ship.

Klingons and Prune Juice

I have been watching all the episodes of Star Trek Deep Space 9 on Netflix and was wondering about the connection with Klingons and prune juice.  Apparently they love fruit juice, especially prune juice, so much that Worf made a commercial for it.