Klingons and Prune Juice

I have been watching all the episodes of Star Trek Deep Space 9 on Netflix and was wondering about the connection with Klingons and prune juice.  Apparently they love fruit juice, especially prune juice, so much that Worf made a commercial for it.

Office Setup with Pyramid Energy

#pyramidenergy my office setup, cat not for sale
but the pyramids are at http://elemental-energetics.com

Alien Eggs???

I was wondering what they will look like when they hatch #alieneggs #floridafauna

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone, a spiderweb from my friend at Feel Believe Create.

Spider Web and Spider Totems

This is a photo of the spiderweb just outside my door.  Honestly I had no idea it was even there I kind of am so used to my front porch/stoop I pretty much take for granted whatever it out there.  But, it was late afternoon/early evening and I could not help but notice the web glistening in the sunlight….real pretty.

According to this Feng Shui website, spider webs symbolically call attention to intentional manifesting.  The spider creates it’s web intentionally with every weave.  I also think when I look at a spider…I think how patient he or she must be.  She spins the web and waits knowing her prey will be caught.  It’s all about setting things up and knowing things will happen when the time is right.  

What does a spider web mean to you?