Nature Photos in Jupiter Florida


The best way to get grounded is to go outside, considering most of my time is in front of some electrical device.  These photos were taken in Jupiter, Florida two weeks ago.  Although I was not exactly prepared to be off-roading on the bike the reward was there.  We saw the most wildlife on an outing in one trip.  I have a special place in my heart for turtles.  I think they are just so cute.  The deer must have been used to people because we were up very close and she did not run away.  Alligators, well, I do my best to keep a safe distance.  I probably will not be sharing any close ups of an alligator.

Tomorrowland Movie Review

I just finished watching this last night and had to share.  I love science fiction and normally Disney movies are usually pretty good.  This one was about Tomorrowland, a place situated in another dimension of Earth where all the genius’s and dreamers live to create without distraction.  They recruit new residents with a small coin/chip that when you touch, it transports you over to Tomorrowland and gives you a glimpse of the society.

Now without giving spoilers, this film delves into the possibility of different dimensions existing in the same space as now, as well as time travel backward and forward.  I also found it very very interesting it also went into the philosophy and to me, natural Law of Attraction.  When the two players, Frank (George Clooney) and Casey (Hugh Laurie) get into Tomorrowland, they are shown a device powered by Tachyons which can view time forward or backward.  They are shown an apocolyptic future where life as we know it is destroyed, within 50 days.  The kicker is time and events are not set in stone.  Because after viewing this future, Casey makes up her mind to fix it.  Just then, a blink of a future where none of the detonation happens flashes before their eyes.  The lesson, you have complete control of  your now and your future, based on your attitude and decisions you make.

Go check out Tomorrowland (Theatrical), I really loved it and would watch it more than once!

How to use a Pendulum

I have been trying to learn kinesiology (muscle testing) with absolutely no success, so I had the bright idea to use my crystal necklace as a pendulum.  Ta da!  Success and it is actually pretty fun.  I think I will keep practicing but seeing that checking in with myself this way can really save alot of time with everyday decisions that I make and living optimally, I will keep it up.

Check out this video I found for beginners, like me.

Morning Glory and Buttercup

Here are two photos from my morning cardio rides.  I was curious about the symbolism of the plants so did a bit of research.

Morning Glory – A symbol of taking in the third eye with the healing energies of the sun. It is the third eye chakra.

Love in vain, short life span, soaking up the radiant sun and heaing energies. It is said the seeds are hallucinogenic…(I will pass on that one, seems a good way to make yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically ill!)

Buttercup – Cheerfullness, Humility, Sunshine, Playfullness, Opening to the Inner Child, Joy, Calm, Acceptence


Attuning to a Crystal

We are all connected to the earth and that is why we are instinctively drawn to crystals.  With our wonderful modern lifestyles we rarely have physical contact with our world.  How often do we actually feel the earth beneath our feet?  Sometimes we feel that we are missing something from our lives but don’t realize what.  It may be as simple as making that connection with the earth.  One way we can do this is simply by picking up and touching a stone. The crystal is a natural model of perfect balance and harmony.  When we attune to a crystal, we are connecting to that perfection within ourselves.

Crystals affect each of us in a unique way, according to our vibration as well as to  our openness and willingness to experience their gifts.  I have found that once I have heard my crystal’s song [attuned to it] and have received its gift, it is mine for always.  Crystals help us to connect to our essence, and that is where true healing begins.  They not only reflect light, but our inner emotions as well.  They are mirrors to our souls.


Everything in existence is in a constant state of motion and has its own unique vibrational energy.  Crystals and minerals grow deep down within the bowels of the earth absorbing, over thousands of years, the universal life force, as they take shape.   They form under the very highest energy conditions. Their energy is powerfully concentrated as well as very pure.  These energies carry the very imprint of the creation of the world and represent the highest energy to which we can attune.  Among minerals, crystals have the purest and most beautiful molecular structure.  Crystals emit a natural energy beyond the visible energy of light.   A crystal’s orderly and symmetrical structure allows it to radiate its energy in a consistent and steady manner.  One of the reason’s we are attracted to them is that their energy helps us to enhance our own.  One cannot see the “glow” or “sparkle” emanating from within certain crystals without realizing the true potential of the energy within them!


We are attracted to things that sparkle.  The more they glitter and glow, the more we feel their pull. We see their fire and we remember that we once shone as bright.  We keep them close to remind us that we can once again be that light.

There is a teaching that through our relationships with others, we see what it is we need to see within ourselves (to heal).  Working with crystals is no different.  Our relationship/work/experience/play with a crystal helps us to see what we need to see at that moment.  A difference between a relationship with a crystal or a relationship with another person is that the crystal, as far as I am aware, does not have an ego … no agenda … no expectations … no resistance … no judgement.  It has not been influenced and does not influence.  It is there in friendship and support.

I believe this is the magic of the crystal’s healing reputation.  The crystal allows us to see what needs to be seen in a safe place of acceptance.  This is where “healing” takes place, in that safe place free from judgement.

Article written by Smadar of Song of Stones

Smadar is co-creator of, a place to find crystals, stones, transformational tools and lots of information on the magic of the Stone Beings.  Through a deep connection, these crystalline guardians guided her in the art of listening to their “songs”, for the messages they have for us.  She shares many of those songs on her website and offers the service of listening to the stone being of your choice for a personal message just for you.

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