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Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits

Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits

For thousands of years, the Himalayan salt bath benefits have been greatly valued and very well documented. Early civilizations used salt to promote rejuvenation and rest, helping to calm their mood. Hippocrates, who lived between 460 BC and 370 BC, was the first...

The Benefits of Grounding Crystals

The Benefits of Grounding Crystals

In our world today, it can often feel as if time is speeding up. We seem to be adding more and more to our plates without gaining anymore time in our days to accomplish them. This results in panic, anxiety, crankiness and the inability to focus. It knocks us off our...

Feng Shui Success Painting

I  just finished this painting.  Basically, in feng shui in your office your back should be towards something with support like a mountain.  This symbol came to me in meditation as well, so I decided to paint it.  It certainly is energizing. Do you like this post?...

Happy Aliens

A small painting I finished up. I call it "Crazy with the Cheese Whiz".  Or "Happy Aliens" might be good too. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br...

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