Elemental Energetics Website!

Elemental Energetics began as a site to showcase my handmade orgone devices. I started making these devices after clicking around on the internet and found a page on a site for healing, one section called orgonite. I became fascinated with the idea and learning about the healing and life force generating properties, based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Now the site has expanded to include many unique items to Clear, Balance, and Strengthen your natural energy, chi, or life force.

Hi, this is my first post on my new blog and website.  I am pretty excited to get it all together.  The story is six months ago I was searching around on the internet and found a site on orgonite quite by accident and had no idea what it was but was intrigued.  There was also a link to a youtube video on how to make the stuff, and of course,  the curious part of me viewed that and decided it would be less expensive and more interesting to try and make it myself.    After many messy and smelly attempts, I finally had a cone that I immediately placed under my dying hibiscus plant/tree I have outside my apartment door.  The tree had barely any leaves before I placed that cone underneath but is now healthy, strong, and flourishing.  I believe it is the life force energy coming from my orgonite cone.  The hibiscus  is still going strong and just blooms and blooms.


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Business by the Astrological Signs

As both a graphic design consultant and an astrology hobbyist, in this month’s column I thought it would be interesting to discuss what it’s like to work with people of each of the 12 sun signs in the zodiac.

Your clients’ sun signs can help you figure out the best way to work with them, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Disclaimer: Please note that astrology is much more complicated than just the 12 sun signs, so use this information as a general guide only.

Aries – WHAT’S NEXT? Aries are enthusiastic and have fiery reactions. They enjoy starting things and don’t always like to finish them, so do the project quickly and suggest new ideas before the current one is completed.

Taurus – Taurus’s don’t like change and love beauty, harmony, and money, so the bottom line is very important to them…how PROFITABLE will this website or ad be?

Gemini – RESTLESS and INTELECTUAL…I THINK I like the curly the font, the purple background, the wavy picture…the ocean photo…well, you get the picture…

Cancer – How does this make me FEEL? What is the emotional overtone of that design, what do people FEEL when they look at my project? (I can attest to this one, being a cancer chickee…)

Leo – Leo’s like being the center of attention and they adore being appreciated, so APPRECIATE their opinion and make sure you have the most flattering picture of them in their marketing materials.

Virgo – Virgo enjoys fixing things and being of service, so be prepared to make LOTS of changes to a project. But, when they are happy, you know your work must have gotten to the point of being FLAWLESS!

Libra – Libra’s like CHOICES…so make a couple different versions for them to choose from and they will ponder it over for a few days and get back to you. Give them the time and choices to choose.

Scorpio – INTENSITY…Scorpios will get a gut reaction to the project and will either love it or hate it and then go from there…

Sagittarius – HAPPY go LUCKY…freedom loving…just don’t tie them down to one choice or one way of doing things. Expect to go with the flow and make changes as you go along.

Capricorn – STATUS seeking – how will this benefit my image and help me climb the success ladder?

Aquarius – Wacky, UNUSUAL, shocking…they love the most off the wall ideas and will go with them just to get a reaction from other people. Use your strangest designs on them and they will love it!

Pisces – Mystery, INTUITION, and Creativity – when working with Pisces…they just KNOW. Encourage them to listen to their inner guidance when asking for feedback.

Check out some of the astrology books I have on: Third Eye Vision Books

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What to do during a Void Moon?

For someone like me, with a Capricorn moon and rising…I have a hard time just chilling and that is what this time is best for.  A void moon in astrology is when the daily moon makes no aspects to any other planets in the sky.  This could be for a couple of hours or even a day.  I find it annoying, but there is a time for everything.  A good rule to remember is when the moon is void then “Nothing will come of the matter”.  Don’t schedule important meetings, don’t sign a contract, go on a job interview, work on an important project.  The time is best for mundane activities like chilling out, going out for lunch with friends with no expectations, organizing paperwork, cleaning, meditation, going for a walk…etc.

What do I do?  Well, the time is not always convenient for me since I like to work during the day even though I am self employed.  The last couple of void moon times we had I cleaned out my client files and got rid of sketches and notes that was no longer needed.   I got my 2008 taxes ready to go.  I cleaned out the dust bunnies under the desktop and threw away phonebooks going back to 2005.  That was last week.  This week we had a void moon until 1:38 pm, eastern standard time.  I used the time to successfully troubleshoot my own website since I noticed the link bar I added a few weeks ago didn’t show up in Safari.  I also made some changes to an ad I designed and changed a few things I missed on a website update project I did the week before.   In the afternoon, when the coast was clear, I designed a business card for a local artist and finalized two designs for a website redo.  Phew!

So, my question to you is, what do you like to do during a void moon time?  Do you feel an energy shift during this time?  My thought is to always go with the flow and not waste time and energy on things that “nothing will come of the matter.”

Here is the book I like to use for knowing the best time to do things…

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Business Timing and the Void Moon in Astrology

Do you know how useful it is to know the best time to begin a new activity, or even to pull back and just chill? It’s all about aligning your intentions with the astro weather.Electional astrology is figuring out the best time to begin a new activity, whether it be starting a new business, applying for a loan, incorporating your business, launching a website, or even sending out an email newsletter….:) Everything has a birth, so doesn’t it make sense to birth your event to maximize the benefits?

The Void Moon is a time when “nothing will come of the matter”. Technically, it means the moon has passed into a point where it makes no major aspects to the other planets, so nothing to worry about and nothing will come of the matter in this period. The void moon is best for self reflection, meditation, and chilling out with no agenda.

I use the void moon for timing in many areas of my life. I never schedule a business meeting or phone call during the time because who wants to spend time on something where nothing will come of it?

The timing doesn’t need to be perfect and you can’t always wait for the perfect time. But, a good rule is to not do something important during the void moon. If you have an astrology datebook or calender, this is easy to look up and will save you some time and wasted energy.

I like using a daily astrology calendar like the one below to figure out the good times to start things, or not…