Parallel Universes

I just finished an absolutely facinating book on parallel universes, called Beyond Reality – Evidence of Parallel Universes. Have you ever thought about multiple realities ocurring during the same one you are in now?  I have.  This book explores the nature of reality and shows examples of parallel realities through hypnosis.  Basically, the author Shelley Kaehir uses hypnosis to help her clients make better decisions in their lifetimes by showing them decisions not made, the results of those decisions, and more.  I have always wondered about the what if scenario and always figured that things that were supposed to happen did for a reason.  But, I never really thought that there were endless realities based on  decisions I did not make and ones I did.   One example would be, what would my life be like now if I did not move to Florida in 1995?  At the very least, I would have a much larger collection of winter clothes.

Advances in science and quantum physics state an atom can be in two places at the same time AND the very act of observing the atom changes where it goes, it’s reality.  Now of course, you bring that to a larger level of the human existence, the implications are staggering.  Doppelgangers living out the life changing choice you didn’t make ten years ago, and in their reality, the decisions they made or did not make.  It goes on and on.

The book inspired me a bit.  Through the choices you make everyday, you can create your own reality.  Why not create one that you love?  In the book, Shelley helps her clients to do just that through hypnosis but also states you can apply this yourself through imagination.  Why not imagine the reality that feels the best and brightest to you?  How about  even affirming  “I am living my highest and happiest reality in this lifetime” to bring into place?  I decided to play with that scenario for a little bit.  Results?  Well, nothing life changing yet, but I have been feeling a bit of a click in place, like things are changing for the better.

In one of the stories in the book, she explores a friend dying in a motorcycle crash.  During the hypnosis, she explored a reality where she convinced the friend to not go on the motorcycle ride.  Things progressed and the friendship turned romantic but a year later he died in another accident while she was out of town.   My conclusion?  Events do happen for a reason and we might even plan out the really important ones that have to happen to stretch your soul.  Her friend died in the all the realities she explored.  He was supposed to leave physical earth one way or another.  I think we do have much more control over our lives than we think, just some things are planned.  It’s a bit of both.

Here are some links to the Parallel Universe book and one I have yet to read, by the same author.

parallel universe, reality, time bending


parallel universes, reality, wormholes, time bending

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New Orgone Pyramids and insights into new energy

I just uploaded six new orgone pyramids for sale on my etsy store, check ’em out.   I personally like the red one the best and plan on making more.  I have been choosing rose quartz for the crystal to put in these ones.  I just like the energy of rose quartz.  It has a loving, soft, and soothing energy…here to encourage love and self love.   I also sprinkled various miscellaneous crystals in the mix.

My new vision?  I am planning on buying natural earth magnets for the pyramids, let’s see how that works out.  I think it will be very positive.  There are so many people on the internet making various versions of the metal and resin mix, which is awesome but the basic recipe works fine.  But I like trying new things.

There is one book I would like to recommend as I found it very interesting, Earth Energies, by Serge Kahili King.  The author explores many different alternative energy systems, such as pyramids, radionics such as dowsing and he also has a chapter on Willhelm Reich and orgone energy.  He found the orgone energy to be stronger than pyramids, although both give off a field.  He is not particularly scientific in his research but he experiments with the many different energies and gives his personal insight and experience.  He includes a chapter on making your own pyramid with the measurements of the Giza Pyramid.

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Selenite Crystal: What is it’s meaning and uses?

Let’s talk about selenite.  Selenite is a white crystal that looks a little bit like a wand and it is good for connecting with higher realms, specifically the third eye.  I have a wand of selenite that I keep beside my bed and have to say, I certainly do have vivid dreams!  Actually I just moved it to my work area as I figured third eye activation is a very good trait to have when you work in the visual arts like I do.  I held my wand of selenite in my hand and did feel a surge of energy up my spine that landed right in my third eye, so my experience with it is true.  Lets see if I obtain the visual benefits of selenite for my work.


Here is some information I have about selenite.

“Soothes nerves.  An amazing stone for any land area with close underground water.  Removes polution, aligns and re-energizes the water in all things, including your own body.  A crystalized form of gypsum that formed easily with saline water.  An inorganic form of selenium, a mineral used in immune disorders.  Clears quartz, which clears other stones”

I think selenite would be great in an  orgonite pyramid or pendant with amethyst for the specific purpose of helping to open up the third eye and assist with manifesting and visualizing.

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What is the Orgonite Gifting Movement?

Cell Phone Towers cause erratic disrupting energyDid you know there is actually a sort of movement where people are “gifting” orgonite near cell phone towers or near places with bad energy in them?  The theory is just by putting a 3 inch orgonite generator near these places turns the erratic energy of cell phone towers or other electrical devices into life force energy generators.  Basically, it is said that these towers cause bad energy in the general population of the people living near them but by putting the orgonite near them, it turns it into good energy.  There are sites online that are dedicated to this movement, saying that it clear up smog, makes people nicer to each other, promotes peace…etc.


What do I think?

Well, the X-Files fan that I am…I go with Mulder’s saying “I Want To Believe”.  I know the effects it has had on me by having them around.  I feel calmer and more peaceful.  I notice that when I wear my pendant people are really nice to me, more so than usual.  For example, last Saturday I wanted to get some take out at an organic restaurant/store I like.  I went up to the buffet and was looking around and decided I liked one item and was sold on it.  Well, for about ten minutes, the woman behind the counter had me taste testing three or four items until I made sure I knew which dish I wanted to get.  Honestly, I just wanted to get my food and go back to work, but she was sooo nice and spent alot of extra time with me.   Other things too, I went out to dinner last night with my boyfriend and the guy at the table next to us was just very intent on talking our ears off about his art.  Nice guy (but maybe a little rude)…but we were eating and he would not stop even as we continued to eat our dinners.  Maybe I should have left my pendant at home.

For me, I did not actually make orgonite items just for the sole purpose of helping my general area with gifting.  I will tell you what I did do.  I had a whole lot of orgonite mistakes when I was learning how to make the stuff.  It just wasn’t pretty or the way I wanted it to look, but the energy coming from it was the same.  Ok, so I gifted a few of my mistakes to the places that looked like they needed it.  I think it’s better than putting them in the trash.  I gave a couple away when I was experimenting with beach sand and resin.  Would you believe people still wanted my mistakes?  That I am surprised about…there has to be something to the energy of this stuff.

I have compiled a list of articles that talk about the gifting movement.  Some of them may seem a bit far out if you are not open to these new ideas, but I will say it sure is interesting!

Ogonite Aventures

Gifting Forum

More info on gifting

What are chemtrails?

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Hematite – A Good 1st Chakra and Grounding Crystal

When I first started making my pyramids, I used whatever crystals I could find around my apartment, and I did have quite a few.  One the properties of orgonite is protecting you from the scattered emf energies and  I am in front of the computer all the time and have quite a collection of hematite near my laptop for this very purpose.  It’s a great protective stone and good for helping with 1st chakra issues, grounding.  No use going up to the higher realms if you can’t back down again, right?


Here is what I have about hematite in some of the literature I have collected on crystals.

“Strengthens and protects the body and blood.  Protects you from the ill-wishes of others.  Helpful for travel, business, martial arts, legal issues.  Excellent base chakra stone”


When I hold it in my hand, the impression I get from hematite is a slower energy, relaxing.  I think it helps us to slow down as well.





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