Pyramid Energy, Effects and Benefits

 pyramids_energyExperience it for yourself…


Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens

Another photo I took this morning in South Florida.  I have been reading the book “Ask and It is Given” so been on the path of manifesting a few key events and items….well, self doubt and impatience comes in and then I get drawn to look at the picnic table in the park and see this….so don’t quit…

 I have a Dream



Summer in South Florida

Here are two photos I took this week, just getting into the natural rhythm of summer… 





Magical Energy

This is from my bike ride this morning, very close by to where I live.  Its on an off street close to the ocean but lots of wild plants and trees among the houses.  I love the energy there.  It feels like tons and tons of elementals and fairies are about.





Life in the midst of rocky surroundings.