“You need to express that the air is changing. The need to get human bodies ready for the next part of the ‘shift’ is coming rapidly. We tell you this only out of love, and so you can prepare yourselves of what is to come.  Earth will be reborn again.”
“The message that you received of Lemuria and Atlantis are true. You and many others are from there which is still ‘there’. Another dimension of what most humans cannot physically ‘see’ but some can ‘feel’ and visit or in reverse as we come to you in your human form. It is and was, under water as you say. It was always under water in your terms. That is why we tell you that the ‘new air’ is basically under water breathing and before that comes to be – the air you breathe now is thicker as you have seen Jolie – you are right in the thoughts and feelings you receive. The human earth is changing.  The air is thicker due to several counts but mostly because of the vibrational energy is increasing and becoming as you say ‘thicker’.”
“You, Jolie, have noticed this change in the last six months although it has been changing in the last eight years. Factors of this is higher vibrational energies or your earthly dimension or plane, along with your pollutions of course but mainly the vibrational pull of the earth movement with the galaxy and the technologies that interfere with the earth’s rotation and centering. We hope you can understand this. We are here to help those who can vibrate on a high level to hear or see us so we can show you what you can help your human bodies casings to adapt to this change. Simple things such as elevated knowledge of easy mindful ways of life, along with the tools of communication (telepathic exercises to help increase in years to come) such as some mandalas you can call them, as we had you paint and share. We have done this with many others across the human world as well.”

“The specific mandalas are given as tools to prepare your challenges to come – aid you in healing yourselves and others, for easier communication, travels and calming of the humans minds since this is a lot to receive at this time.  Many will take this as a farce. Many will use and learn from the tools and help others along.”

“We are certain you are one to help other humans and share. This is why we contacted you in this human form. You are well reached and can distribute in a loving true way to others. Please do not fret. This is from the Light, and not to scare but to educate and share this ‘new way’ of healing, on all levels and the ‘new way’ for humans to change on the scale of how their bodies re-act to this ‘new’ way of life coming in the future.”

I believe I am just touching upon the surface of the air changing. I have had Galileo come to me as a guide, which makes me really intrigued about the idea of this air we breathe on earth changing, and how we need to adapt to it through two specific mandalas. I will explain later in this book how the painting of the mandalas #2 and #17 were channeled to me and also how these two mandalas are important in helping our bodies adapt to the air change.

I have researched barometers to help give me some insight on how the air is changing, and there are several kinds, but I realized that barometers are not the right tool. I realize now that there must be some other tool to measure vibrations in the air (vibrations or the energy exchange or presence in the earth’s atmosphere.) Measuring vibrational energy may explain the energy exchange of positive and negative vibrations in the earth’s atmosphere. I am not a scientist or claim to be, but I have now been introduced to something that is affecting our human population and would like to explore this more. I hope that I will receive more messages of “the air changing,” and what we as humans can do to help us adjust toward adaptation through using these mandalas.  If there is anyone reading this that might have some information how to measure vibrations in the atmosphere, please, I would love to talk to you and see if there is something that can be proven. Part of me thinks that this cannot be proven, or proven enough to show others in a clear way of what is happening, partly because it is not meant to be “proven”, at least not at this time. I sense the energetic atmosphere is part of some multi-dimensional space or place that I have not yet been, or at least I don’t remember, at least not yet!

Channeled from the book The 2nd Big Shift by Jolie DeMarco 


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