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Pollution is spread everywhere around the globe. Be it pollution caused from vehicles, plastic or the toxic chemicals in the air, the earth is deteriorating constantly. You can try a few of these money saving, green living tips, to make the earth a green and safe place to live in.

  1. Avoid plastic: Plastic is not degradable and is highly responsible in polluting the earth. It is made of toxic materials that are choking the earth. When burned, plastic can be extremely harmful, we need to get rid of this plastic to make earth a green place to live in. Instead of buying bottled drinking water, install a purifier at home. Water is tastier and more convenient when taken from a purifier. There are numerous plastic bottles that are dumped in the garbage and harming the earth, do your bit by stop buying mineral water bottles. When you go to a super market carry your own bags instead of taking plastic bags from markets. This can actually save you money.

  2. Car-pool: Vehicles cause great amount of air pollution, the smoke emitted by your vehicles can suffocate people. To make the earth pollution free, we need to cut down the usage of vehicles. Instead of using your vehicle every time you go out, try using the public transport system. You can save up on fuel and pollution by carpooling with your friends. Carpooling is a smart choices, it saves your money and provides great company.

  3. Use rechargeable batteries: Batteries are very harmful to and extremely toxic. They contain nickel, lead, mercury and cadmium that can be poisonous. To save your pocket, instead of buying batteries frequently, buy rechargeable ones. Rechargeable batteries are convenient, you don’t have to keep buying batteries, plus you are saving the earth by cutting down the wastage of batteries.

  4. Make use of your waste: Making compost is a very ancient practise that is extremely effective in making earth a green place. You can make a compost pit in the back yard and dispose all your kitchen wastes there. This compost pit will serve as a great fertiliser and will help in keeping your surroundings clean.

  5. Change the bulbs: To save money in the future, you can make a one-time investment by changing all the bulbs of your home. Compact fluorescent light bulbs may be expensive when compared to regular bulbs, but they work three times more than the normal bulbs. 

To make the earth a green place and to live comfortably you can set up solar equipment at home Installing solar equipment can be expensive, but it is totally worth its cost. To set up solar equipment or a greenhouse, you can take a personal loan insured with Payment Protection Insurance. When you are into bad situations like– sudden job loss, illness or accident, you can file PPI Claims.

 Author Bio: Maria Benson is a professional blogger; she is currently spreading the word of green living in her state. She believes that small actions to conserve the earth can lead to great results. 



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