Raw Creamy Avocado Sauce

I just wanted to begin including all my healthy recipe successes here, as I mostly post them on facebook and get lots of good feedback. ┬áHealthy cooking has alot to do with your personal energy and…

Double Helix Water Benefits

I have been taking the water in a big jug and a few drops in the morning for about two weeks. So far I like the way it changes the taste of the water, for one…

New 7 Inch Mini Arkatron Custom Made

New Mini Arkatrons are available for purchase on my store, but check out the video for what these beautiful works of art can help you and your manifesting energy.  


    Pollution is spread everywhere around the globe. Be it pollution caused from vehicles, plastic or the toxic chemicals in the air, the earth is deteriorating constantly. You can try a few of these money…

New Orgone Chi Generators

I just added some new items to the store you might be interested in, very pretty crystals wrapped in copper and embedded in the resin/metal mixture. Orgone Chi Generators